“At the end of each batch production there’s a little bit left over and we change over batches several times a day. So we created a blend called ‘Lucky Dip’ which is literally a selection of every single one of our products all blended together. Finding a use for it was a bit of a light bulb moment for us. We’re reducing our waste. Now we don’t have to throw away product that’s perfectly ok to eat. …and it was perfect for us to donate to Liberation Larder. “ Will, General Manager, Brookfarm, donor. Liberation Larder….sharing the stories of our clients, donors and volunteers. Please RG to spread the word about the work of Liberation Larder. It helps us raise awareness and food/$ donations. 😊💛🙏 @liberationlarder #liberationlarder #rescuingfood #fightinghunger 📷©wordonthebird @_brookfarm_

Via @liberationlarder

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