Making great food and sharing great food, is an attitude. It’s hard to enjoy a meal that you make and share in anger, stress, or hatred. Where as the most simple of meals can be exceptional if it’s prepared and shared with warmth and caring.

In the month of November we are taking the sharing of our passion for Byron Bay more seriously and we are asking you dear reader of this blog or visitor to any of the Byron Bay Food network sites to share your passion too.

Enjoying Food, Byron Bay Style

We have uncovered the most wonderful cookbook new veg – enjoy by local foodie Nadine Abensur. This book is loaded with superb simple recipes that offer a new take on all sorts of vege’s.

With summer just around the corner (here in Byron anyway) and the silly season looming, now is a great time to could out with a few new recipes that are simple, nutritious, tasty and great to share. Nadine certainly delivers on that front.

Think “Isreali Breakfast Platter”,  “Lime, Lemongrass, Maple Syrup and Chilli Toddy”, “Hokkien Noddles with Aubergine Teriyaki, Sesame Seeds and Coriander”, “Middle Eastern Pistachio and Orange Cake” and so much more. It’s funny, sassy, beautiful food and it reeks of a laid back Byron Bay attitude.

Win a copy of “new veg – enjoy” by Nadine Abensur

Now why am I raving about this cookbook, making myself hungry? Simple really. It’s all part of a cunning plan to add more fans to our Byron Bay Food Facebook page and to have more conversation, more fun and more sharing on that page.

To go into the draw to win, simply “become a fan” if you are not already and participate. Comment, post a Byron Bay Food story, picture or video to our wall and every time you do, you’re in the draw to win Nadine’s awesome book.

We’ll randomly draw a winner on the 30th of November from all the commenters and posters from the Byron Bay Food Facebook Wall. For all the details check the Win a FREE Byron Bay Cookbook tab on Facebook.

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