If you have been watching Celebrity Masterchef you will know that is rocks, and you will probably also know that the charming Indira Nadoo was one of three celeb's on the first episode. What you might not know is that Indira has an awesome Foodie blog of her own Saucy Onion. What I probably should tell you is that Indira is rather graciously giving away the apron she used on Masterchef (because I want that damm apron people… just kidding, may the best foodie win). 

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It's a very simple comp, be a followers of Saucy Onion and leave a comment (on Saucy Onion) before the 9th of October 2009. For all the details see the Indira Nadoo Masterchef Apron Giveaway blog post. Perhaps Indira's enthusiasm for blogging might rub of on Celebrity Masterchef judge George Calombarisvia, who doesn't seem to be a fan of the medium. If anyone can convince George that Social Media Foodie's are not a bad lot it's Indira.

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