Saturday May 20th is World Whisky Day. A day when we celebrate the drop the Scots call Uisge-Beatha which of course translates to “Water Of Life” ye canny bastard.

Now there are many ways to celebrate #WorldWhiskyDay, however Harvest Newrybar and Dan Woolley aka The Whisky Hunter are presenting a stellar event; “‘Smoke & Salt’ 6 whisky courses with canapés“.

If you like Whisky and good food, it’s definitely worth checking out. Dan Woolley is seriously entertaining and seriously knows his whisky. The Harvest chefs are uncanny in their ability to match the food with the drink at these events.

Having attended Dan’s Whisky Masterclasses at Harvest Newrybar and at The Roadhouse you’d have a to be a hard core miser not to find value for money. Some might say you’d have to be “as tight as a scotsman”.

For further details or to book a spot (you will want to do that, these events sell out) visit the Harvest website or call them 02 6687 2644 to make a reservation. Credit card details & dietary requirements required upon reservation.

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