Life of a Pecan Part 1:

PART 1: Cafe, Farm & Family home to Matt, Ash & Molokai. There is more going on here then you might think... Take a tour into the lives of local pecan farmers, discover what is invloved with maintaining and growing the Pantry as a local food venue and productive farm. With the help of local videographer Pete Frare we have put together this mini series for your enjoyment. Part 2: coming soon....stay tuned.

Posted by Eltham Valley Pantry on Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Eltham Valley Pantry is a delightful combination of an operating Pecan farm, a stylish Cafe in a 100 year old farmhouse and it must be said, Pecan Pie made with fresh Pecans.

Perhaps you’ve never tasted Pecan Pie with fresh Pecans. If that’s the case, then you may be surprised to read the Pie as a top 3 feature.

However, that could be because you’re accustomed to “supermarket Pecans”. Dry, brown, chalky nuts, a mere shadow of the fresh product, imagine autumn hues, soft and moist and sweet.

It may be a disservice to the rest of the Eltham Valley Pantry experience to skip straight to the Pecan Pie, however once experienced, it will not be forgotten.

Owners Matt and Ash have a passion for food and their little piece of paradise. They not only grow Pecans onsite, but have a market garden as well. An outing to “The Pantry” is not only a pleasant drive and a delightful venue, you’ll find the food and gifts on offer there, well worth the journey.

Part 2: The Journey Of A Pecan

We got such a great response to video 1, we knew you couldn't live with the anticipation of where our cute little pecans end up - soooo...

Posted by Eltham Valley Pantry on Monday, February 20, 2017

Eltham Valley Pantry

The Eltham Valley Pantry is a beautiful 100 year old farmhouse surrounded by lush gardens and over 300 pecan trees nestled amongst the green valleys and undulating hills of Byron hinterland.

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