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There are a growing number of Byron Bay brands who have become recognised for excellence in the food and beverage sector. Few have had the impact and reach that which has been achieved by Brookfarm.

Starting on a family owned macadamia farm and a stand at the Bangalow Farmers Market, Brookfarm has grown to a staff of 40 as well as national and international acclaim. While Brookfarm is still very much a family business, it’s success is testimony to what is possible when producers focus on creating high quality food with fresh and wholesome ingredients.

Brookfarm products compete in a breakfast cereal market that is crowded with cheap highly processed alternatives, the sharp contrast between Brookfarm’s products and the majority of their peers is quite remarkable. The taste will convince you of the superior nutritional value.

However it’s not simply the story of success, the product, the family business that makes Brookfarm special. Owners Pam and Martin Brook has maintained a commitment to the environment, their industry and their local community.

For 15 years of success we raise a bowl of Brookfarm Muesli to Martin, Pam and the Brookfarm team, for the way in which you’ve done it our sincere respect.

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