Living in Bangalow, we have the most excellent honour of living just up the road from the Bangalow Farmers Markets. The quality of the vegetables, fruit, flowers, meat, preserves, breads, coffee and more is absolutely outstanding. We are recently had the opportunity to try so Kabu from Michael Burless’s Potato Stall. Kabu is a mild Japanese turnip that can be eaten like an apple, great in salad, I’m sure it would be nice braised, and it’s going to be fun finding out what else it’s good for.

Here is a link to the first Kabu recipe we found, but I’m afraid all the Kabu was eaten before we got around to trying it.

I’m not suggesting that Kabu is always available at the Bangalow Markets but this find highlights the tremendous variety and surprises that we find week in week out at the Bangalow Farmers Markets.

Freshly dug Kabu from the Banglow Farmers Markets
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Freshly dug Kabu from the Banglow Farmers Markets

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